How to increase RAM disk size

Started by mwoffenden

How to increase RAM disk size   09 June 2013, 10:05

I've created a 500mb ramdisk and reassigned many temp variables to point to it. Now I need to increase the ramdisk size. Any easy way to do that?

How to increase RAM disk size   10 June 2013, 11:01

All you need to do is resize your existing RAM disk and reboot your computer.

How to increase RAM disk size   10 June 2013, 11:20

I don't see a way to do this. Under Properties, the size field is grayed out.
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How to increase RAM disk size   10 June 2013, 16:11

I guess you're using an attached image file. In this case, you need to create a larger image file and choose the new file to use with the RAM disk.
mark fraunhofer

How to increase RAM disk size   08 March 2015, 16:22

Is there a way to copy existing files from the existing image to a new larger image? To complicate things, I have several applications running of the original image, it's basically a "program files" ramdisk.
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Re: How to increase RAM disk size   09 March 2015, 01:09

Yes, there is:
  1. Create a new image, mount it via Image - Mount Image in the main menu.
  2. Copy all files from the old mounted RAM disk's image to the newly created image.
  3. Unmount the image mounted in step 1.
  4. Edit the RAM disk's properties to use the new image.
  5. Remount the RAM Disk or reboot for the new image to be loaded.

Re: How to increase RAM disk size   06 May 2015, 23:47

Hi I just tried to increase the size of my ramdisk on xpsp3(working fine almost one year) as described below but the system crashed and I had to reinstall my TrueImage backup. It is not quite clear to me the procedure. I cannot do now because I run Firefox on ramdisk and the support board runs inside Firefox ehehe.

Wish to resize RD to put also Chrome cache on it.
I tried on a second ramdisk and it worked ok but did not save the image for future reloading.

I have no luck in having the same options on RD2, save image on hd every 15 mins, as the firefox ramdisk. The second ram disk always blocks the xpsp3 system and I have to reset&reload.
Any suggestion pls ?
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Re: How to increase RAM disk size   07 May 2015, 00:25

Well there isn't much we can do without a crash dump. By the way, why do you keep Firefox itself within a RAM Disk?

The common usage scenario is to have a volatile RAM Disk (no image attached) and move browser's cache and Windows TEMP folder on it. The software itself should stay on the hard disk as it's loaded only once.

Re: How to increase RAM disk size   07 May 2015, 01:23

HI Andrew thanks for the quick replay.
When I say Firefox I wanted to say ONLY its PROFILES folder (abt 200Mb) not the program itself which seats in the C: HD sorry for the mistake. ehehe
In this way it works SUPER . RamDisk saves the image every 15mins with some errors because when the browser is in use some cache files are not allowed to be copied. Anyway it works perfect on the RD. And is loaded at the system startup in perfect timing with the rest of the softwares.
Now I wanted to enlarge the RD from 400 to abt 600Mb of ram to put inside also the Chrome cache which runs also at about 200Mb. I followed the procedure you describe, even if I manually copy the PROFILES into a TEMP dir, then unmount the RamDisk, then I go to create a new image at 600Mb and try to import .... but I am recalling just now that on XP I had to restart the machine with an new instance of SOftPerfect with no RamDisk to letting me mount a new RD image ?! Have to try this way.
Will let you know.

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