Can't load my ram disk: operation failed with status code=C000000D and image status code=image load succeeded

Started by Smyle

I set a 250MB ramdisk in softperfect ramdisk 3.3.3 64 bit, that is auto mounted on every boot, and saved on every shutdown, but when I have turned on my PC today, it can't be mounted.
If I manually try that I get that message, but ramdisk still doesn't appear:
operation failed with status code=C000000D and image status code=image load succeeded
Win7 64 bit, the tmp not on the ramdisk.
Can I get my datas back from the disk, or all was lost?
You can try to install version 3.4 to see if it opens the image file.

If it does not, you can try to open the image in a third-party disk mount utility (in which you must enter an offset of 4096 bytes to the data).

Alternatively, if there aren't sensitive data in your image file, you can compress it and send it to us. I'll check if your data are still there and can be recovered.
Yay! Thanks Andrew!
I got the same message in version 3.4, but I could found a disk mounting app (Passmark OSFMount) where I can set an offset, and successfully mounted the image in it, and copied all of my files out.
I have been started to use the softperfect 3.4 with a new image file, but I really have to look after an efficient file backup method for the disk image which not locks the system when it backing up the image file...
If possible, could you please somehow send us the first 4096 bytes of the corrupted image file or the entire image file (so we can check what's happened to the image header)?
I think its not necessary, because I loaded the corrupted file to a hex editor, and the whole first 4095 bytes are empty (contains 00).
In the new disk file there are some datas in the first 128 bytes.
From byte 4096, both file start with same codes (saw NTFS word from byte 4099)

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