SoftPerfect RAM Disk 3.4.3 - Bugs

Started by Nemix


SoftPerfect RAM Disk 3.4.3 - Bugs   12 December 2013, 16:52


I just started trying out SoftPerfect's RAM Disk software and my first ever RamDisk software ever in general and must say the RAM Disk by SoftPerfect is really an outstanding software!

I just wanted to point out some bugs I'm having with the software and certain settings on my system which leads to BSOD's and the RamDisk either not mounting or mounting and not formatting to a filesystem on my system.

The first is the more severe bug, if I create a RamDisk (does not matter what size or filesystem) and do NOT enabled hard disk emulation then I get random BSOD's at the Windows boot logo during system startup, sometimes the BSOD happens instantly upon first restart after creating a new RamDisk and other times it happens randomly.

It's 100% certain though that the system boot will BSOD whether it's random or instant on my system if hard disk emulation is NOT enabled on the RamDisk created; so for now I'm using my RamDisk with hard disk emulation enabled which seems to be stable and not causing any BSOD's on my system.

The other bug I found which highly severe is that if a RamDisk is created and set to a NTFS filesystem (this is with hard disk emulation enabled since there not other way for me to not get BSOD's at boot) the RamDisk sometimes does NOT format to NTFS when Windows loaded and the RamDisk has been mounted at system start, it's just shows a RAW RamDisk which causes lots of problems with my web browsers since all the cache is directed to the RamDisk.

These random non filesystem RAW RamDisk mounts at Windows start only seem to affect the NTFS filesystem and not the FAT/FAT32 filesystems when creating a new RamDisk and selecting which filesystem to use, for the time being I have no choice but to use a FAT32 filesystem with hard disk emulation (from the BSOS problem stated above) which seems to be booting and mounting correctly at Windows startup.

Please look into these bugs and problems and see if they can be fixed and ready for the next release of SoftPerfect RAM Disk, other then the two system breaking bugs mentioned above SoftPerfect's RAM Disk is truly an outstanding software that that stands above other freeware RamDisk software available.

I would definitely highly recommend the software to my friends and colleagues once the two major bugs have been fixed and maybe some new features added to the software in the next release.


Re: SoftPerfect RAM Disk 3.4.3 - Bugs   13 December 2013, 08:10

Seems like these problems don't exist in Windows 8.1 just in Windows 7 does these bugs occur.

The hard disk emulation BSOD and RamDisk not mounting formatted only happens if the filesystem in set to NTFS in Windows 7.

Re: SoftPerfect RAM Disk 3.4.3 - Bugs   13 January 2014, 08:18

I have this problem in Windows 8.1.




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