BSOD on wake from sleep

Started by Ramboy


BSOD on wake from sleep   02 July 2014, 18:06

The title says it. did some googling. Memory access violation caused by a rogue driver.

SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION dxgkrnl.sys dxgkrnl.sys+d624 0x0000003b 070214-2964-01.dmp 00000000`c0000005 fffff880`04af3624 fffff880`026aa370 00000000`00000000 x64 ntoskrnl.exe+75bc0 2 15 7601 320.018
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Re: BSOD on wake from sleep   03 July 2014, 12:48

It could be virtually anything and is not necessarily connected with the RAM Disk as it's a BSOD in DirectX core.

For instance, here someone was having the same problem and fixed it by replacing his PSU.

To me it sounds like either a hardware issue or a video driver issue.

Re: BSOD on wake from sleep   03 July 2014, 22:08

I read somewhere that SSD don't like the sleep mode and my boot drive is a SSD. could someone confirm this? I doubt it is a Hardware issue as it is a new build with win 7 64 bit and nothing fancy installed. It has only happened once, so not a big issue anyway.
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Re: BSOD on wake from sleep   03 July 2014, 22:41

I used to have a OCZ Vertex 2 SSD drive and whenever I put the computer in sleep, there was a 50% chance it would not wake up.

When replaced that with an Intel SSD drive, the problem was gone, though the OCZ SSD installed as a secondary drive would usually be inaccessible after sleep.

I barely use the sleep mode since then smile

Re: BSOD on wake from sleep   03 July 2014, 23:36

Which is a shame. I really like sleep mode not only because of faster boot, but because all the cache remains intact and the os runs smooth.

Re: BSOD on wake from sleep   09 September 2014, 14:20

I'm not sure if this thread is still open/monitored, but it's the newest one I've found in regards to BSoD on wake from sleep and 0x0000003B. Well, 'm having a similar issue... My PC is new as of January 2014, SSD for boot drive running Win7 64-bit. I've had no issues for the longest time, then about a week and a half ago I started getting BSoD when waking from sleep. I have friends in the IT industry that recommend Sleep with SSDs, but I haven't run this by them yet for their reaction... The trouble is, the BSoD goes by really quickly due to the monitors taking too long to reboot--I just barely snapped a picture with my phone tonight and got enough info to really start troubleshooting. Anyway, it's also a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION.

STOP: 0x0000003B (0x00000000C0000005,0xFFFFF80042EECE8,0xFFFFF8800992B570,0x0000000000000000)
dxgkrnl.sys - Address FFFFF880042EECE8 base at FFFFF8800424D000, DateStamp 539e411c

All other text is standard blue screen jargon about first time and persistence, etc; disabling hardware/software, BIOS settings, etc. Unfortunately, as helpful as those suggestions usually would be, I don't recall any changes that coincide with the issues. That said, I've uninstalled anything recently installed, run virus and malware checks, I've tried reinstalling AMD software (Catalyst 14.7) and I've run Windows Update with no success.
I've run memtest86 until I'm blue in the face. Yes, pun... I've done all of the basic tests in SeaTools on the SSD and it's passed them all.

Of course, my first thought was DirectX because "dxg" reminds me of the name for its diagnostic program, but this is the first thread I found where someone even mentioned DX as a possible problem... However, now that I've tried to manually update DirectX, I've found that I've got the current update already installed. Obviously doesn't rule it out, but at least it's current. I have no idea how to roll it back or how far to go if it's even possible.

So, now I'm looking for other causes and solutions, and I'm curious if the similarities in the dumps are truly indicative of hard drive issues or something else. I really don't like the thought that Sleep and SSDs don't go together; it doesn't make sense. I'm also not thrilled about other possible hardware issues--mostly because the system is essentially brand new...
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Re: BSOD on wake from sleep   09 September 2014, 14:45

Sorry, but once again this looks like a hardware issue or that in DirectX core, not connected or caused by our product.

Re: BSOD on wake from sleep   19 September 2014, 04:30

Well the issue went away for me. I did a number of things, so I can't tell which one helped.
Did a BIOS update.
Increased the amount of system reserved RAM for the IGPU ( I think this was the culprit ) from 252 to 512 MB.
Installed some stability patches from windows update ( the optional ones )
Installed BSOD_KB2400157-v2-x64 from Mirosoft. Google for it.
updated Intel drivers.
Hope that helps.
The Rush Rochon

Re: BSOD on wake from sleep   30 September 2014, 14:46

I have the same issue and it's clearly catalyst 14.7, 14.9 the problems. I have both.
I have installed the 14.7 and most of the time when my computer wake up I have a blue screen dxgkrnl.sys..., I put back the 14.4 and no problems for 2 weeks.
I tried the new 14.9 and the first time my computer gone to sleep - BSOP.
All new version since 14.7 have this problem I think...

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