BSOD-bug and suggestion

Started by saboteur


BSOD-bug and suggestion   22 July 2015, 20:43

I am using SoftPerfect to speedup few utils (firefox, far manager), so I have small ram disk 400 mb, raw format (i formatted it to ntfs manually), not emulating hard disk to have maximum speed.

From time to time, I am worrying about my info is success, so I want to do backup of existing ram file.
I created small .bat file (i have stripped path in the example), that executing every night:

ramdiskws.exe /save:V
ramdiskws.exe /force /unmount:V
copy softperfectram.img softperfectram.img.bak
ramdiskws.exe /mount:V

The problem is, if Firefox or FAR (they installed on ram disk) are running at the moment of backup, I could get BSOD in 30% of cases.
Windows 7 64bit.

Could i request a feature, something like that:
ramdiskws.exe /save:V /filename:c:\softperfectram.img.bak

I mean - command line option for /save command, that allow me to to save ramdisk to specified file - it will help me to create backups without unmounting drive, and removes all bad things with bsod? This option should NOT change default disk file path, just for make one more file for backup in case of default file becomes corrupt.
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Re: BSOD-bug and suggestion   22 July 2015, 21:32

I would rather recommend to use a file-level backup. For your scenario a good solution might be the Windows built-in Robocopy or Unison. Both tools can only copy changed files and do so efficiently.

Re: BSOD-bug and suggestion   29 July 2015, 22:14

It is much easier to do a copy of ramdisk file, because of many small files.
Also, robocopy and Unison can't copy opened file.

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