Hibernation causes BSOD 0x9F and verifier.exe causes BSOD 0xC4

Started by silverzhao


I'm using SoftPerfect Ramdisk 3.4.6 on Windows 7 Professional SP1 32 bit.

Recently when my computer tries to hibernate after some idle time, it will show bluescreen with code 0x9F (DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE).

I suspect the drivers of the ramdisk may be the cause, so I use verifer.exe to check them by creating custom settings (for code developers) and selecting all drivers not provided by Microsoft.
(Well, I'm not familiar with driver develop at all, I just try that from an article on the web.)

After restart, BSOD 0xC4 (DRIVER_VERIFIER_DETECTED_VIOLATION) comes and it says spvve.sys is the cause. Then I select spvve.sys only in verifier.exe, and after restart BSOD comes again, but if I choose any other drivers, no BSOD.

BTW, if I use DATARAM ramdisk, there's no issue when computer enters hibernation state.

So, would you please help test that and see whether spvve.sys will cause verifier.exe to BSOD in your environment? Thanks!

Here is the minidump file: [link]

Here is the setting of my ramdisk:
SoftPerfect support forum

And here is the setting of verifier.exe:
SoftPerfect support forum
SoftPerfect Support forum - Andrew avatar image

Re: Hibernation causes BSOD 0x9F and verifier.exe causes BSOD 0xC4   29 August 2015, 00:46

Unfortunately there's little what we can do with the RAM Disk at the moment, as its core developer has left the company for family reasons. He however has promised to fix any outstanding issues with the product, including Windows 10 compatibility and I will pass info to him, so hopefully this can get fixed too.
That's OK, thanks for your reply.
Well, I can confirm it is the only "Security checks" item causes verifer.exe to fail for spvve.sys. Hope this can narrow down your debug. Minidump files: [link]
Ramdisk userX

Re: Hibernation causes BSOD 0x9F and verifier.exe causes BSOD 0xC4   23 September 2015, 11:07


Your ramdisk is the best. One of the many uses I have for it: a portable DNS server (Acrylic).

Give the core developer my best regards, and; a wish that it works out for him and his family.
I updated to v3.4.7 and it seems the hiberation BSOD problem is fixed. Thanks.

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