Best RAM Disk for Windows 10

Started by Andrea


Best RAM Disk for Windows 10   23 September 2015, 21:15

After using SoftPerfect RAM Disk on Windows 7 and trying a few other before that, I can say with certainty that this is the best RAM Disk software. Now I moved to Windows 10 and wondering if there are plans to release a new version of SoftPerfect RAM Disk for Win10? It's an excellent product and I really hope it will be compatible with Win10 soon!!

Re: Best RAM Disk for Windows 10   23 September 2015, 22:37

Second that! Can't wait for Windows 10 version of Softperfect Ram Disk!! smile
Excellent product, please don't give up! ok, yes, thumb upok, yes, thumb up

Re: Best RAM Disk for Windows 10   29 October 2015, 22:29

WOW!!! The Windows 10 version of the RAM Disk is out! Thank you for the update, very appreciated!!!

SoftPerfect, thank you for the good work you've done!
Paul Panda

Re: Best RAM Disk for Windows 10   02 November 2015, 10:38

Love this RAM Disk program!
I used it to create and manage two RAM Drives in my system (it has 32 GB RAM). One is for all the TEMP folders from Windows as well as other applications and the other is to store small programs. It has performed flawlessly since I installed it two months ago ok, yes, thumb up
Using the latest version for Windows 10 and noticed the following peculiarities. Can anyone help me to understand this?
  • When creating a new drive, it takes a very long time, and eventually the application UI just locks up, but it does finish, so I need to restart the application.
  • Mounting a drive, it mounts it, but it doesn't put it into the list of drives, so I can't tell it to save the contents.
  • The amount of memory displayed as free at the bottom of the application seems to be incorrect. I have 64GB of ram with a 30GB ram disk, but it's showing 57425 MB of memory free.
Thanks for your help.
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Re: Re: Best RAM Disk for Windows 10 - questions about creating and mounting   22 November 2015, 13:10

Are you sure you have created a RAM disk, not just mounted an image file through Image - Mount Image? From what you described, it seems to be the case, and if so then:
  1. Creating an image file does take a long time due to the need of writing that image to the hard disk. This is perfectly normal.
  2. The image is not shown in the list of RAM Disks simply because it is not a RAM Disk.
  3. Creating an image doesn't affect the amount of RAM available because it's a file on your HDD mounted to a drive letter.
Please let me know if you need any further help or explanations.

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