Error 2203 after disabling RAMDisk

Started by Roelof Ensing

Roelof Ensing

Error 2203 after disabling RAMDisk   04 November 2015, 20:32

After disabling RAMDisk for some reason and so removing my T:\TEMP directory I had several problems during uninstalling other programs, they all failed to uninstall with an error code 2203. After a long search I discovered that this was caused because several programs and the windows installer probably are retaining the fixed temp directory used during installation, in my case T:\TEMP (=%TEMP%) for later use during the unistall, why ??? In the mean time this temp directory T:\TEMP was for some reason moved/changed to C:\TEMP iow I removed RAMDISK. After this during the uninstall the procedures are still trying to find T:\TEMP which results in a 2203 error. In spite of what is mentioned on the web it has nothing to do with security but purely with not finding the original TEMP directory. It is of course ridiculous that the installer or programs are failing on finding the temporary directory and that they save a reference to it during install, it is a TEMPORARY (get the meaning) directory so nothing is or should be saved there and it should absolutely not cause a critical error. Anyway be warned. Maybe RAMDisk could give a warning during the disabling or changing of the directory.
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Re: Error 2203 after disabling RAMDisk   04 November 2015, 20:40

Generally RAM Disk assumes that the user knows what they are doing, so no warning is given. I'll check if we can add it.

This issue is solely due to a poorly designed install/uninstall procedure, which as you correctly pointed out treats something temporary as persistent.
Roelof Ensing

Re: Error 2203 after disabling RAMDisk   04 November 2015, 21:09

I completely agree with you that it is actually not RAMDisk's problem, I also posted this issue with Microsoft, I checked the registry and the reference to the fixed TEMP directory is all over the place so it is hard to inform every product. In general the Installer should preserve this information and also not fail if a file or directory which has be removed is already removed, that's the practical solution just don't fail.

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