Ram Disk with ISO image and hybrid sleep

Started by stfnsn

Ram Disk with ISO image and hybrid sleep   21 September 2016, 18:43

I have turned ON hybrid sleep in my Windows. So, if I put PC in sleep mode, and I cut the power, all RAM content remain on HDD and can be recovered (but slower ofc). If not cut power, PC wake up from sleep normally (load files from RAM).
So, I use RAM Disk and reserve 2GB of RAM for new Disk but from .ISO image that I store on my HDD. So, if I shut down PC, cut the power, boot again, all files are here (that's ok).
BUT, my question is: will files remain if I put pc in sleep mode and cut the power?
Did hybrid sleep save RAM Disk content on HDD like regular RAM content?

RAM disk will not save new content in .iso image because I put PC in sleep mode, not power off. But, windows should save ALL RAM content on HDD, even disk ram partition. Or not?
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Re: Ram Disk with ISO image and hybrid sleep   21 September 2016, 19:11

I am afraid I don't know, can simply try it and see what happens.

Normally Windows 8 and above store everything from RAM, including RAM Disks as a part of hybrid boot. I am not sure how hybrid sleep works though - so just try it.

By the way, the RAM Disk app doesn't use ISO files, it uses IMG files of our custom format instead.

Re: Ram Disk with ISO image and hybrid sleep   22 September 2016, 00:48

Ok thank you smile Yea, my bad, .img not .iso smile I know.

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