Fix for mounting an emulated hard disk on Win 8 and above

Started by nodnarb

Across various machines running Windows 8 and above I have come across an issue when I can only mount a volume or disk under basic emulation or at most flagged as a removable drive. However if I flag the drive for Hard Disk Emulation (Slower) and attempt to mount the drive regardless of an image being used or clean slate an error occurs and the disk does not mount and an error code is presented on my screen. What I have discovered while watching the mounting process through Windows 10 is a SAN Policy conflict: when mounting begins the disk remains in an offline state.

My solution, which I have now done to all of my machines and has resolved the issue:
- Run an elevated command and load into DISKPART.
- Change the SAN policy by typing the following: SAN POLICY=OnlineAll
Nothing else, just mount the disk. I wish you all the best of luck and if I have failed you I am sorry but we are all only human.

Re: Fix for mounting an emulated hard disk on Win 8 and above   01 November 2017, 15:49

I checked the current SAN policy on my Windows 7 Pro SP1 x64 machine I was having problem with this error on previously, and it is defaulted to OnlineAll already, with no change needed there. (checked by entering DISKPART and simply typing in SAN).

I reinstalled Softperfect Ramdisk and the same issue occurs as before, on a fresh reboot of my machine and with a pagefile that is 2x the size of my 16gb of ram, with both the pagefile and OS on a fast commercial-grade SSD:
"NT error code = C000009A: Insufficient system resources exist to complete the API, image status = Unknown reason.
"Win32 error code = 0 The operation completed successfully"

I really don't know why it worked perfectly before and then decided to start showing errors. I really like this ramdisk software more than any others, but it seems that some windows update or setting breaks it, unfortunately.

If anyone ever discovers a fix to this issue, I'll stay subscribed to this thread.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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