Monitoring the performance of the RAM Disk

Started by Derek M.

Derek M.

Monitoring the performance of the RAM Disk   11 September 2019, 11:31

I'm current evaluating your RAM Disk product on Dell PowerEdge kit running Windows 10 Enterprise. I've got one 20GB (not persistent) and two 4GB (persistent) RAM disks configured. Can you offer any advice on how to best profile the performance of these RAM disks?
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Re: Monitoring the performance of the RAM Disk   11 September 2019, 11:54

This depends on what you want to get:
  • If you just need some once-off performance figures, you can simply run any regular disk speed test, like CrystalDiskMark or HDTune, and then compare the figures with your regular HDDs.
  • If you want to monitor the real I/O throughput of your applications with Performance Monitor, you need to enable the Hard Disk Emulation in the RAM Disk's settings. This will slightly reduce the disks' performance, but will make them available under Physical Disks in Performance Monitor, as shown below.

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