ReFS formatting of a RAM disk

Started by Thomas D.

Thomas D.

ReFS formatting of a RAM disk   01 October 2019, 15:52

If I try to format a volume using the Windows tools it causes a blue screen error: "PNP detected fatal error". I am using Windows 10 Pro for Workstations and attempting to format ReFS.

When I use NTFS, it works, so I believe this is a bug that could be fixed. I would like to see this working in the future.
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Re: ReFS formatting of a RAM disk   01 October 2019, 15:57

Sorry, ReFS is not currently supported. It did not cause a blue screen in our tests, but the format command simply failed to format a RAM disk.

We may implement ReFS support in the future, but in the meantime it's not available. From what we can tell there is little demand for it, since ReFS as a resilient file system designed for physical drives, whereas a RAM disk not resilient by definition (everything is lost on power off or reboot).

We generally recommend using exFAT as a faster alternative to NTFS on RAM disks.

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