RAM disk volume label length on FAT32

Started by Mw


RAM disk volume label length on FAT32   07 July 2020, 13:51

I believe I am using old free RAM Disk version 3.4.8 and labelled my disk "My Ramdisk" using the volume label tab in the advanced section of the main menu. I wanted to try out new version 4.1 and after installation, I noticed that the label was truncated to "My Ramdi". So I thought to change the drive format to NTFS and the label came back as "My Ramdisk". I changed it back to FAT32 and it changed to "My Ramdi" again.

I want to use FAT32 for personal reasons. So I uninstalled it and went back to the old 3.4.8 version and I was able to have the label " My Ramdisk" in both FAT32 and NTFS. So my question is, is this a local issue with my computer or some other reason I may not be aware of? I really would like to upgrade to the latest paid version, but I can not if this is an issue with version 4.1.

Thank you for any help or suggestions...
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Re: RAM disk volume label length on FAT32   07 July 2020, 14:12

I can confirm that this is not a local issue: the label indeed gets trimmed to 8 characters, i.e. "My Ramdi" instead of "My Ramdisk".

Unfortunately, it is not clear why the truncation happens in this case, as the file system structures written to the disk appear to be correct, and FAT32 file system limits volume names to 11 characters (while NTFS volume labels can be up to 32 characters in length). It would take us a long time to figure out the cause of the issue, and because FAT32 is old and rarely used, we may not be able to fix it.

The solution is to either choose a shorter volume label, or better yet use exFAT instead of FAT32. Essentially, exFAT is a modern version of FAT32 with no journaling overhead or FAT32 limitations on file size and count.

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