How to backup a RAM drive image

Started by PrestonLMcClain

How to backup a RAM drive image   08 September 2020, 08:49

I was able to backup my RAM drive image when I had just created it and only put a few programs on it. How should I copy it to make backups in case something happens? I've tried to just selecting the image and copying it with Windows File Explorer, but it won't work because it says that the file is in use.

Earlier it was said that the proper way would be to unmount the RAM disk, but I've tried this and it responds with "Unable to dismount volume R: Perhaps it contains open files or is locked. Force dismount?" When I have clicked OK to that dialog window, I believe that the image becomes erased or corrupted.

Is there a way to make backup images that I don't know about?
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Re: How to backup a RAM drive image   08 September 2020, 10:50

To back up an image file, it has to be unmounted. The reason for that, if something is written to the image during a backup operation, the image may become inconsistent.

In your case, since you have open files on your drive, it's better not to force dismount. Instead use a file-level utility for backup, e.g. a file archiver. For example, if you choose 7-Zip, you could do something like:
"C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe" a c:\some-path\backup-file.7z R:\*
This will back up everything from R:\ and store it in a compressed file c:\some-path\backup-file.7z.

Re: How to backup a RAM drive image   05 December 2020, 02:22

Thanks for the info. I haven't had time to try what you recommended but I'll give it a try.

Thanks again.

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