RAM disk doesn't mount when image file is on a removable drive

Started by Dr. Kamal

I am facing the following problem: I have created a boot-time RAM Disk and set it to save and load image located on a removable drive, which is an SD card that is always inside the internal card reader of the laptop. However, after rebooting, the RAM drive does not start / mount and of course does not appear in Windows explorer.

Is there any solution for this issue? Is it a known bug or is it a by-design limitation?

Thank you in advance,
Dr. Kamal
IT Professional
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Re: RAM disk doesn't mount when image file is on a removable drive   19 January 2021, 12:54

This is likely due to the order in which Windows Mount Manager initialises the connected devices. The RAM Disk driver starts before any portable devices are mounted, so the image file is simply not found at that point of the system startup.

You could either move the image file to non-removable storage, or try using a logon-time RAM disk. Logon-time RAM disks are mounted upon user logon, at which point all removable drives should be accessible and ready for use.

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