Browser cache relocation for a different profile

Started by Chin

Using a different profile seems to use the normal drive as cache. Is it possible to hard link to another profile?
I've tried linking it myself, but it just turned into old cache.
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Re: Browser cache relocation for a different profile   04 March 2021, 11:08

I believe there is individual cache in each profile. In this case you can use the --disk-cache-dir (assuming you are using Chrome) to redirect cache for all profiles.

How to relocate Google Chrome cache

The default location of Chrome cache is C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache , which can be changed by adding a few parameters.

For that, right-click Chrome shortcut you have on your desktop or in the start menu, select Properties, add the following parameters to the string in the Target field, and then click Ok:
--disk-cache-dir="R:\Cache" --disk-cache-size=104857600
"R:\Cache" is the browser cache folder on your RAM disk, and may have a different path in your case.

Now you need to set Chrome to use that new cache folder. For this, type regedit in the Run command, click Ok, and navigate to this registry key:
You will see the location of chrome.exe in the right pane. Right-click it and select Modify.

Add the following parameters to the string in the Value data filed:
--disk-cache-dir="R:\Cache" --disk-cache-size=104857600
The "R:\Cache" path must be identical to the one you specified earlier.

The registry key value should end up looking something like this:
"C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --disk-cache-dir="R:\Cache" --disk-cache-size=104857600 -- "%1"
Click OK and close the registry editor.

Restart Chrome for the changes to take effect, and it should now be configured to save its cache to new location.
Is the location and cache limitation per Window user (login) or individual Chrome profiles?

I have one Windows user with seven Chrome profiles that I use at the same time. Some more heavily than others. I have RAMDisk but I believe that most profiles are not using this location. I want to point all of my Chrome profiles to this location.

Will changing all of my launch shortcuts and registry by adding
--disk-cache-dir="R:\Cache" --disk-cache-size=104857600"
move all of my profiles cache location & limit?

Also how can I check to verify that each profile is using this location?

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Re: Browser cache relocation for multiple profiles, with specified size   21 June 2021, 12:41

We don't really know, it's better to ask in the Chrome community.

I suppose if you pass --disk-cache-dir and --disk-cache-size, it will apply to the newly created process and its child processes. That is, the effect will be per profile, but again, it's best to ask the Google's community.

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