File spvve.sys crashes when unmounting

Started by deal.maker

File spvve.sys crashes when unmounting   29 September 2021, 14:16

I'm running RAM Disk version and I have created a 35GB RAM disk on a Windows 10 system with 48GB RAM to do video editing. Now that I'm done, I'm trying to remove the RAM disk and when I try unmounting it or deleting it or changing the size of it, I get a Windows blue screen crash that says spvve.sys is the fault.

Since I cannot disable the RAM disk, what is the safest way to uninstall the software? It seems likely that attempting to uninstall it while it is in use is asking for problems (for example crash during uninstall), which I want to avoid.

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Re: File spvve.sys crashes when unmounting   29 September 2021, 19:41

The RAM Disk uninstaller will not unmount RAM disks or unload drivers, so there should be no BSOD upon uninstallation.

Simply close the GUI via File - Exit in the main menu and uninstall the application from Apps and Features.

It will then ask you to reboot, so at next boot drivers won't start and any files that were locked before reboot will be removed.

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