Using RAM Disk as a standard user

Started by Ardwych


Using RAM Disk as a standard user   25 April 2022, 03:46

Try though I might, I can find little information on running RAM Disk as a Standard, limited, Windows User. Search here yields no relevant results.

I despair at how many developers write their programs as admins for admins, even allowing installation routines to install ONLY for the (necessary) admin context (look for an entry in a User's Start menu, and you frequently won't find one!). And a vast number of users appear to be running their computers with only one user, an admin.
We're not running Windows 95 anymore.

With our computers now simple appendages of the frequently malicious tentacles of the planet-wide internet, I can see only folly of allowing every exploit that enters from the 'net the same rights and privileges that you have, which is to say, ALL of them. Complete control.
So - a note to you: we're NOT all administrators, and it would be so welcome to see all developers write for limited user contexts, too.

Thus, can I run RAM Disk as a standard user and have the user's environment variables altered by setup? I notice that cacherelocator.exe invokes a UAC (admin) prompt and so changes the admin's variables. I understand that initial setup (and execution of RAM Disk itself) must be performed as an administrator, but there seems to be obvious way to 'create a symbolic link', or just alter the e/v's values for an ordinary user.

Indeed, further information on scratchpad temporary files in a ramdisk, and on other read/write ephemeral files that would normally exercise a physical drive would be hugely welcome.
Can you help?
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Re: Using RAM Disk as a standard user   25 April 2022, 15:04

Sorry I am not quite sure what you are trying to say. Our apps require admin privileges only where those are required by the system.

For example, for the RAM Disk app admin privileges are needed for the installation of the drivers and copying the app itself under Program Files. After the installation admin privileges are not required and RAM disks can be managed from a regular user account. If you want to override the TMP/TEMP environment variables, that is only done for the current user and admin privileges are not necessary.

With regards to the Cache Relocator app, creating a symbolic link is not the same as overriding environment variables. On Windows, only administrators can create symbolic links. Microsoft says the following about Security Policy Settings for Windows:


Create symbolic links
Location: Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\User Rights Assignment\
Discussion: This security setting determines if the user can create a symbolic link from the computer the user is logged on to.
Default value: Administrator


Re: Using RAM Disk as a standard user   25 April 2022, 15:45

Sorry, I thought what I said was fully expressed - that while I acknowledge that admin privileges are required for 'system level' actions, I'm seeking advice on how and what to configure a system for a limited user wanting to use RAM Disk.

You've discounted symbolic links in this context, good, and you go on to say that 'RAM disks can be managed from a regular user account'. Excellent. But how?

With regard to your Cache Relocator program, it seems to address only administrator contexts (please correct me if I'm wrong), and there's very little in these pages about 'user usage'. Discussion is almost exclusively about administrators running as administrators.
Could you expand your 'RAM disks can be managed from a regular user account' comment, please?
Would you advise a user to directly change his or her environment variables to, say, R:\Cache, for instance?

You might also have seen my reference to a ramdisk's handling of scratchpad temporary files and other read/write ephemeral files that would normally exercise a physical drive. Could you expand on that too, please?
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Re: Using RAM Disk as a standard user   25 April 2022, 16:07

You can simply start using the RAM Disk app as a regular user without needing admin privileges after its installation.

If you need some information on how to actually use it, we have a beginner's guide. Hopefully this helps.

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