API for automated tests

Started by Kris


API for automated tests   06 May 2020, 21:58

Does the Connection Emulator have an API that can be used to program/control the Emulator in automated tests?
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Re: API for automated tests   06 May 2020, 22:15

There are a few command-line parameters:
consim.exe [/runtime:120] [/hide] [/quit] [config_file.xml]
If the Connection Emulator is launched with an XML file specified, it will load the specified configuration profile and begin emulation automatically. If the emulation is already running, it will load the specified file and continue with the new parameters.

If the /runtime switch followed by a number of seconds is present, the emulation will run for the specified number of seconds and then the application will terminate. To run the application without the user interface, specify /hide to hide the main window. To terminate emulation immediately, specify /quit to close the running instance.

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Re: API for automated tests   06 May 2020, 22:17

That might be good enough. Thanks for the quick response.

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