How to simulate jitter

Started by Rahim


How to simulate jitter   03 November 2020, 09:22


I have a license for the Connection Emulator. I wanted to understand if there is anything in the software that can simulate/trigger jitter in latency? Basically, I am trying to simulate jitter in real time voice and video packets for IP telephony protocol.

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Re: How to simulate jitter   03 November 2020, 09:36

Jitter is essentially a variation in latency (packet delay). When you configure a random latency between 100 and 200 ms, you will also get jitter, as the latency will be randomly varied between 100 and 200 ms.

The Connection Emulator also has another relevant setting, Correlation. A correlation of 0% means the latency values will be entirely random, and therefore jitter will be high (up to 100ms in this example). A correlation of 50% means the latency values will be closer to each other, and therefore jitter will be lower.

Please see the description of the Latency tab in the Connection Emulator User Manual, in particular the chart that demonstrates the effect of correlation.

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