How to create a ping delay for online gaming

Started by Dave


I am trying to use Connection Emulator software to emulate a 30ms ping in Warzone. I currently have a 15-19ms ping, and there is something in Warzone called "lag compensation". It is basically making me lag so I don't have an unfair advantage with my low ping (there's loads on the internet about it).

So this software works, I add a 8ms delay on the software, then load into Warzone my ping is 30ms. The issue is it only allows me to trial it for 30 seconds, so I cannot trial it long enough (a full game) to be able to see if it works well enough for me to purchase it. Is there any way I can trial it for say 24 hours or a week?

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Re: How to create a ping delay for online gaming   10 May 2021, 12:54

I would recommend a different tool we have, it's called NetGenius. Its licence is cheaper, and it comes with a free 30-day trial, and it has the feature you want.

Please see the 'Download and upload delay' section in NetGenius user manual.
Unfortunately NetGenius is not what I'm after. I tried it but, it has no effect on the PING ingame. I think I need to try the Connection Emulator, as it works perfectly for me during the 30 seconds trial. It's just that 30 seconds free trial isn't long enough to give it a proper ingame check.
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Re: How to create a ping delay for online gaming   11 May 2021, 12:55

This must be because your game is using so-called ICMP to measure ping rather than UDP as transport protocol. NetGenius only applies latency to TCP and UDP, whereas Connection Emulator applies latency to everything, including ICMP. Which means you are right, the Connection Emulator is the product you need for your game.

We are happy to issue a temporary key for you, so you could try the Connection Emulator thoroughly for a few days. Please send a private message to our support to receive the key.

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