Missing switch information for FortiSwitch

Started by Andrew K

Andrew K

Missing switch information for FortiSwitch   11 January 2018, 05:11

We recently installed a FortiSwitch 248D switch in our environment. Previous to that we only had a Dell PowerConnect 3548. Both are on the same subnet that I'm running Port Mapper from. The PowerConnect shows status, speed, MAC, IP, Host name, and Hardware vendor information. However, the new FortiSwitch only shows ports status, speed, errors, and discards. It doesn't show MAC, IP, and hostname which is what we're wanting. Both switches are part of the same SNMPv2c community. Any thoughts on why this would be? Thanks!
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Re: Missing switch information for FortiSwitch   11 January 2018, 13:05

It can be that either MAC address information is not available in the MIB view under the configured community, or it is in a format that our product cannot understand.

Could you please try mapping the FortiSwitch with this third-party product and let me know if it extracts any MAC addresses or only displays limited info like ours does?

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