HP/3Com switches only show VLAN interface

Started by Shawn


HP/3Com switches only show VLAN interface   27 February 2018, 07:35

I'm not sure whats going on: only my HP/3Com switches do this on Switch Port Mapper - it just discovers 2 ports. One is the bridge aggregation, and the other is a VLAN interface which gives me all MACs that have passed through this switch. I want it to give me all the ports and MACs going through them.

All other switches work great for this app.

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Re: HP/3Com switches only show VLAN interface   27 February 2018, 13:47

It's hard to tell outright. It's probably either that the switches do not expose this information via SNMP, or they do so in a format that the app didn't understand.

We may be able to see what's happening there with a tool called snmpwalk, which dumps the entire SNMP tree. If you could run the snmpwalk tool against your switch and send us the output via a support ticket, we may be able to tell why this is happening and whether it can be fixed. Please also attach a XML file generated by the Port Mapper app against this switch.

Snmpwalk can be downloaded here.

Re: HP/3Com switches only show VLAN interface   27 February 2018, 23:55

Thanks for getting back. I created a support ticket, with snmpwalk results provided.

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