Purchasing a Bandwidth Control Driver and API only

Started by Young Ho Son

Young Ho Son

Purchasing a Bandwidth Control Driver and API only   05 March 2015, 16:49

Dear to whom it may concern

How do you do? My name is Young Ho Son and I'm a senior engineer in charge of software development at EDL Solution Co.,Ltd. in South Korea.
I have researched some kinds of a network bandwidth throttling program in order to apply to my program.
While researching, your 'Softperfect Bandwidth Manager' has been attractive for me functionally and technically. However, as this email title above, I'm wondering if your company is able to supply the core modules only that may be some kinds of NDIS IM drivers and some services for API. Please refer to my requirements below:
1. Supported O.S : Windows XP(x86+x64), Windows 7(x86+x64)
2. Functionality
1) Network Bandwidth Control through my application's command
2) installing and uninstalling your core components including drivers
3) Gathering bandwidth traffic data to display monitoring data into my application
3. Your Maintenance Policy and license policy for this order case
4. Your Quotation
5. How long will it take to be supplied to me?

I think my requirement is general and so I would like to get your reply as soon as possible. And I'm looking forward to good business with you.

Thanks a lot.

Best Regards,
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Re: Purchasing a Bandwidth Control Driver and API only   05 March 2015, 17:51

Hi Young Ho,

Basically Bandwidth Manager is built on top a third-party package called Windows Packet Filter from these guys. Depending on the features you need, you might find Windows Packet Filter sufficient for your goals, in case if you want to implement bandwidth management algorithms and traffic data on your own.

If you prefer to use our Bandwidth Manager (BM) it's also possible. As I understand you would like to control it from your application. If so, accessing any BM data can be done in two ways:

1. Direct reading of the database. BM uses a standard SQLite 3 database that can be read from many programming languages and environments. You can find it in the path shown under the Storage tab:

SoftPerfect support forum

Grab any SQLite management tool like SQLite Spy and you can read this database in anyway you like as well as write into it.

2. There's a XML based API, on which however we don't have official documentation. For that you'd have to use a protocol analyser to trace the exchange between the BM management console and the bandwidth management service. The protocol is pretty much self-explanatory.

As to pricing and maintenance policy, I have sent you an e-mail and I suggest we continue the discussion there.


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