Initial config problem: don't see any traffic

Started by Enrico


Initial config problem: don't see any traffic   14 March 2016, 22:01

Hi, I'm testing Bandwidth Manager on this configuration:

PC with installed Bandwidth Manager, connected to a gateway (Range Extender) by LAN
PC has IP:
Gateway has IP:

I simply don't see ANY traffic anywhere, everything remains to zero.

I've tried to connect to localhost, as I've tried to, in both case I have not any error, but nothing changes.

I've tried too to connect to, here I get Socket error #10061 - Connection refused, I've disabled firewall but nothing changes. I've also tried to set up a rule with ANY protocol, ANY source, ANY destination, ALL network interfaces, but nothing changes. (by the way: in network interfaces, I just see "all interfaces" but I cant' see singles cards... is it OK or issue is here?)

Please could you tell me which is exactly the right IP to connect and what more have I to check?
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Re: Initial config problem: don't see any traffic   14 March 2016, 22:24

The BM software consists of two components: a Bandwidth Control Service that processes network traffic and enforces bandwidth restrictions, and a Management Console used for configuration and monitoring. When you launch the Management Console it asks you to enter the name of the host where the Bandwidth Control Service is running and a password. By default, the host name is localhost and the password is blank. This means entering either localhost or the local computer's IP address is acceptable. If you put in, obviously you will get an error because there's no Bandwidth Control Service running on that device.

Creating a any-to-any rule would normally start capturing any passing traffic, but seeing no adapters other than All Interfaces suggests something went wrong. I recommend to try to install the driver manually for a specific adapter as shown in the screen shot below and reboot.

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Re: Initial config problem: don't see any traffic   15 March 2016, 05:55

Perfect thanks!! It works fine, thanks to yours very clear and detailed instructions.
Issue was related with interface, installing directly driver fixed problem after reboot program; now I see ALL interfaces and software works fine.

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