Quota setup for satellite Interenet connections

Started by David


Quota setup for satellite Interenet connections   13 September 2018, 10:33

I am considering your Bandwidth Manager software for our commercial fishing vessels with satellite Internet. What I cannot see from your documentation is how users devices are captured with the bandwidth manager software. i.e. if I have an iPhone on the LAN side, how does your software identify it and know that it can only use 100MB/day?
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Re: Quota setup for satellite Interenet connections   13 September 2018, 10:41

Usually individual devices are identified by their MAC address. It is important to understand that the Bandwidth Manager (BM) software needs to be installed somewhere in your network where it can capture connections. Ideally between the router and the rest of the network. So perhaps it could be something like this:
<Users> - <Switch and WiFi access points> - <PC with BM> - <Router> - <Satellite modem>
This way any connection from each user goes through BM, where BM captures the user's MAC address and allocates a quota to it. Once the quota is up, the user can be slowed down or blocked until the quota resets.

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