Deep packet inspection (DPI)

Started by Andrew G.

Andrew G.

Deep packet inspection (DPI)   29 October 2020, 19:05

Hi there,
I just wanted to confirm a couple of things about your Bandwidth Manager software:
  • Can the software do DPI packet inspection (protocols used in real-time per rule set)?
  • Can you confirm what level the trial version is on?

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Re: Deep packet inspection (DPI)   29 October 2020, 19:10

The Deep Packet Inspection in Bandwidth Manager is pretty basic. It is capable of matching services listed in the global settings:

SoftPerfect support forum

Having said that, it is not guaranteed to match a specific service at all times, and DPI matching will increase CPU usage. Depending on what you need, it may or may not be acceptable.

Regarding the trial version, it is a fully functional 30-day trial, i.e. exactly same functionality as the licensed version, only limited by the 30-day time frame. You can download it from Bandwidth Manager product page, give it good run and see if it suits your requirements.

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