Bridge is not limited by the rules

Started by Kimran


Bridge is not limited by the rules   23 March 2021, 14:44


I recently had an issue where I lost the two interfaces being bridged internally. Luckily the device had two other interfaces which are working just fine. I bridged those two working interfaces, but the circle in front of the created bridge in the Bridge Manager list is in grey colour. The Bandwidth Manager is allowing traffic through as normal, but not limiting it by any of the quota rules.

Am I missing something or doing something wrong?
(All my rules are direction 'both', IPv4 based, on LAN2 network interface)
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Re: Bridge is not limited by the rules   23 March 2021, 16:54

The grey circle does not indicate that anything is wrong. It is simply the default colour for any bridge.

If the traffic is passing normally, but the rules don't capture anything, it is most likely that they don't match the traffic.

Try creating a single rule with tracking by going to the Advanced tab and choosing 'Tracking by source IP address'. Then create an any-to-any rule matching IPv4 traffic on NIC LAN2 and see what IP addresses you are getting there. Those may be different to the ones specified in the above rules. This catch-all rule needs to be at the bottom of the ruleset.

Re: Bridge is not limited by the rules   24 March 2021, 13:37

The Bandwidth Manager does seem to be capturing, because the rule usage graphs are showing data.
Just to be clear, this machine was working fine up until the issue with its NICs. All that was done were same IP addresses issued to the new NICs and the bridge recreated. Correct me if I am wrong, but all rules should have come back online like nothing changed, right?

I have a block-all rule at the bottom of my rules list. If I apply a blocked rate limit rule to any of the rules, it works as intended. If I drag a rule below the blocked rule, it works as intended too. However, the personal rate limit values set for individual rule don't seem to function, instead it seems like a free-for-all.

Also, can I ask, should the bridge be from LAN to WAN or vice versa? LAN being the interface facing the switch, and WAN is facing the router.
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Re: Bridge is not limited by the rules   24 March 2021, 13:56

It doesn't matter whether you bridge LAN-to-WAN or WAN-to-LAN as the bridge is symmetrical.

We could I take a look at your entire ruleset to help you better. In the main menu, please go to File - Export Rules - Save to a DB file, then compress it with ZIP and send it to us.
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Re: Bridge is not limited by the rules   30 March 2021, 15:14

We have received and checked your ruleset, and compared the data with your screen shots. It looks like everything functions correctly.

The sample rule you referred to, 'ChabilMar', has a monthly quota of 2000 GB with the initial speed of 205 megabit/s and the reduced speed of 154 megabit/s. This rule has used about 1400 GB in March so far, thus the initial speed limit of 205 megabit/s still applies.

In your screen shot, the rule is passing ~20 megabit/s, which is well under the set limit. Perhaps you are referring to the fact that the rule displays 12 TB received? If so, please note that it also says 'since 2018-02-23', i.e. the rule has used 12 TB over the last three years, which is perfectly plausible.

By the way, we recommend that you don't keep your usage records indefinitely, unless it is absolutely essential for you, because it creates a lot of records and slows down the operation of the software. It is better to change the settings and keep the usage for 1 year or less.

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