Some menus and buttons are missing

Started by Ayotunde


Some menus and buttons are missing   03 March 2023, 11:08

The Bandwidth Manager is not displaying some menus and many of the buttons in its interface. I can see many more on the pictures in its user manual.
I am using a trial version, so perhaps can that is the cause. Although the description says it should be a fully-featured free trial.
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Re: Some menus and buttons are missing   03 March 2023, 11:14

Yes, the trial is fully-featured, and thus has exactly the same interface as the licensed version.

You are missing some interface elements because you are using a limited access password. Have a look at the bottom-left corner of the main window of your Bandwidth Manager. You will see that is says "Limited access to localhost". You need to log in with your full access password to access all the features.

Some menus and buttons are missing - Resolved   03 March 2023, 11:41

Thank you for your response, it was very helpful.

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