Bluetooth device (PAN) missing in NetWorx monitored interfaces

Started by Renamo3

Any known reason why my Bluetooth Device (Personal Area Network) is not appearing in Networx (5.4.2 64bit) > Main > Monitored interfaces?
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Re: Bluetooth device (PAN) missing in NetWorx monitored interfaces   13 November 2015, 10:37

Most likely it doesn't have the 'physical device' bit set, so the system lists it as a virtual adapter. The latest versions of NetWorx don't show virtual adapters by default.

In order to have virtual devices shown, go to the hidden settings, set Physical adapters only to False and restart NetWorx.
Although the solution suggested does work the question remains why the "physical device bit is not set" and how can that be corrected? The Bluetooth device being a physical device should appear as such and it shows up in the OSs Device Manager when enabled.

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