Massive I/Os and writes caused by "Ignore LAN traffic"

Started by Alex

HD Tune Pro is reporting an absolutely crazy amount of read and write I/Os and a huge amount of written data caused by NetWorx.

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Roughly 2 million read and write I/Os and 8GB written in less than an hour of monitoring? This is while another program (JDownloader) downloaded 12GB of data. What I don't understand is that Networx doesn't even appear in the "Disk" section of Windows Resource Monitor. Only HD Tune reports the writes.

When ignoring LAN traffic is enabled, NetWorx writes more data than JDownloader. When ignoring LAN traffic is disabled, NetWorx is reduced to just a few write I/Os a minute. No read I/Os or writes at all.

I've been using NetWorx since 2014 and only just discovered this. I hate to think what this has been doing to the SSD.
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Re: Massive I/Os and writes caused by "Ignore LAN traffic"   22 May 2016, 11:29

Assuming HD Tune Pro uses Event Tracing for Windows (ETW), I see two possibilities here:
  • HD Tune incorrectly classifies network I/O as disk I/O; or
  • HD Tune classifies the communication between networx.sys and networx.exe as disk I/O, which it isn't.

Obviously it doesn't appear in the Disk section of Windows Resource Monitor, because there's no disk activity. You can run Process Monitor and observe that NetWorx merely performs a few dozen I/Os per minute and no I/Os at all when idle.

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