Substitution for the old speedmeter

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Substitution for the old speedmeter   30 June 2016, 04:15


The old speed meter was fantastic and i preferred it to the new version that wants to log into a specific server and do an automatic upload / download test.
Is there any chance of having the older version speedmeter as well as the new? Or something to substitute it? If not, is version 5.1.1 still available?

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Re: Substitution for the old speedmeter   30 June 2016, 10:29

Please have a look at this forum thread, I hope it has all the answers.

Re: Substitution for the old speedmeter   30 June 2016, 22:20

You can approximate the old Speedmeter using the Current Session option. Be aware that the totals may include other traffic such as auto-updates so avoid downloading the file at times when you know that the auto-updates are likely to occur.

1) Open the Networx General tab, left click on "Today"
2) Select "Current session" from the dropdown list.
3) Get the file you want to download set up ready to start but don't start it yet.
4) Exit Networx and then quickly
5) Open Networx to start a new session (this is just like stopping and starting the old Speedmeter)
6) Display the Usage report General tab which shows Current session usage.
7) Download the file.
8) Take a screenshot when the download is complete

The snapshot of the Current session shows the time taken and usage for the download. You can use that to calculate the average speed for the download.

The steps above are similar to
- opening the old Speedmeter, stopping and starting it,
- downloading the file and
- stopping Speedmeter to freeze the usage, time taken and average speed but without the Maximum speed.

open | download – 01 select current session.png (21.8 KB)
open | download – 02 session total usage.png (19.1 KB)

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