How to import DB to Linux from Windows

Started by nayanasri

How to import DB to Linux from Windows   19 October 2016, 03:13


I've been using NetWorx since around 2008 on windows machines. One of the best - if not the best - network bandwidth monitoring software out there. ok, yes, thumb up

I just found out that you guys had released a Linux version. I'm really very happy about this, because there was not any stable lightweight app that can do what NetWorx can, for Linux platform. A huge thank you for the 'team softperfect'. ok, yes, thumb up

Now I need to import the db file from my Windows machine to Linux machine, so I can continue using the same old database that has historical bandwidth data since 2010 February.

Previously when I'm changing my Windows pc, I just copy & pasted the NetWorx.db file to the relevant folder and it just worked. But with Linux, it doesn't work and gave me this error:

The database location '/home/nayanasri/.config/SoftPerfect/NetWorx/NetWorx.DB' is not writable or does not exist. NetWorx will use a temporary in-memory database whose contents will disappear upon exiting the application!

TNetWorxDB: SQL error or missing database: table usage has no column named ADAPTER_ID

Is there a way to do this?

Thanks in advance.
Best regards,
Nayana Sri
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Re: How to import DB to Linux from Windows   19 October 2016, 11:06

Sorry at the moment it's not possible to use a Windows DB in Linux or vice versa. The DB's format has changed to accommodate recording data per adapter and a few other improvements.

We may add a converter at a later stage, but at the moment I am afraid you have to start from scratch on Linux or macOS.

Re: How to import DB to Linux from Windows   19 October 2016, 18:36

Hey no worries. I'll use NetWorx with Wine in the meantime.

Regards ...

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