Reset data, but keep monthly data

Started by jon


Reset data, but keep monthly data   06 January 2017, 09:06

Is it possible to reset usage report data (when the end of the month comes around and your data cap is reset at the beginning of the new month), but keep the data and not have it deleted in the per month tab and preferably still have it listed in Networx (you would have a list of how much data you used each month during the year in the per month tab).

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Re: Reset data, but keep monthly data   06 January 2017, 10:00

I am not sure why you want to reset it at all. Just leave it there and NetWorx will be automatically reporting your usage by day, week, month, etc.

Many users accumulate a few years worth of usage data - it's not a problem. You can even configure the General tab in the reports to display only current data:

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