How to recover lost data after upgrade

Started by ruksharkhan

How to recover lost data after upgrade   12 June 2017, 11:50

After upgrade we have lost data on that PC.. How can we get the previous data back? Any possibility?

Thank you
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Re: How to recover lost data after upgrade   12 June 2017, 16:29

It depends on how it happened. Normally, if you just install the latest version over an older version, all data is kept.

There are two common mistakes during update that lead to a loss of data:
  • If you uninstalled the older version before installing the update, a clean-up was performed and the database was deleted. For this case, if there is no backup, I am afraid there is no way to restore the data.
  • If you had the installed version and the downloaded update was the portable version or vice versa, it will use a separate database. For this case, simply update the correct application type, i.e. overwrite older installed version with a newer installed version or replace older portable build with a newer portable build.

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