How to check which program is using too much data

Started by Clive


I mainly use mobile broadband tethering with my phone to my laptop. Is there a way to know what specific application is using too much data (downloads) so that I could turn that program off? All I see is my data usage shooting up in 2 minutes and not knowing why. I am fairly new.
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Re: How to check which program is using too much data   02 March 2018, 16:05

Simply enable the "Ignore local traffic within the LAN" setting on the Main settings tab, as highlighted below:

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After that, you will be able to see per application usage report on the Applications tab:

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If you are using Windows 10, it's quite possible it will be listed under System or similar as Windows 10 downloads tons of stuff without asking the user. If that is the case, you can mark the connection as metered, and the system should download less data through it. Please see this Microsoft article for details.

Sometimes you can get the answer faster if you try the forum search and/or have a look at the software user manual to see if your question has already been answered.

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