Suggestion: Keep "sort by" in "Applications" tab after refreshing

Started by ThinkVision

Hello NetWorx developers,
I'd like to propose a minor change that might improve usability in some scenarios. This feature could be useful when user is tracking a specific application's traffic by repeatedly clicking refresh.

Steps to reproduce:
1. In Usage Report - Applications - Applications, click on "Total" column to sort by total amount of data
2. Click "Refresh"

Rows are still sorted by total amount of data after refreshing.

Rows are sorted by application name after refreshing. (Easy to lose eye focus after hitting refresh and sorting mechanism changes)
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Implemented suggestion: Keep "sort by" in "Applications" tab after refreshing   16 December 2019, 14:09

Thank you, that's indeed a good suggestion. We have just made NetWorx remember the last sorting order upon refresh. You can download the updated builds here.

If you want to monitor apps in real-time, I would also recommend taking a look at our new NetMaster product. It is basically a modern alternative to NetWorx designed to track network usage of apps, with additional control features. Here is what NetMaster's real-time tracking looks like:

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