Hidden Settings - full list and description

Started by Wojtek

Hidden Settings - full list and description   05 July 2022, 20:52

Could you publish the permitted values of hidden settings parameters and their meaning? In another thread I found information about the "Display Format" option. Could you describe the other options similarly?

Thank you in advance smile
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Re: Hidden Settings - full list and description   07 July 2022, 13:17

The Hidden Settings can be accessed by opening the regular NetWorx Settings window and then pressing Ctrl+O (that's letter "O", not zero) while that window is open and active. This will open the Hidden Settings dialog where you can fine-tune NetWorx further:

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Currently, there are the following settings and values:
  • Smooth graph (True or False). Makes the graph curve look smoother by averaging the bursts, but reduces the graph precision.
  • Mean samples (Positive number). Sets how many last readings are used for calculating the current transfer rate. The default value is 5, equalling 5 samples/seconds.
  • Display format (0, 1, 2, or 3). Sets the speed units: 0 for automatic; 1 for kilobits/kilobytes; 2 for megabits/megabytes; 3 for gigabits/gigabytes.
    Update: in version 7.1.1 this became the Speed setting on the Main tab in the ordinary Settings.
  • Number of decimals (0 or Positive number). Sets the quantity of digits after the decimal point in the numbers for speed and data volumes throughout the application. For example, the value of 2 would make the numbers to display like 9.99.
  • Thousand separator (True or False). Separates and groups digits in numbers with more than three digits before the decimal point.
  • Graph data file (File path, optional). Specifies the file name for writing the current speed data into. The default unit is bytes/s, if the Graph data period parameter is set to 1.
  • Graph data period (Positive number, has an effect only if Graph data file is specified). Determines how often, in seconds, the graph data file is updated. The default value is 1, meaning the file is updated every second.
  • Custom LAN ranges (IP addresses in the X.X.X.X-Y.Y.Y.Y or X.X.X.X/Y formats, optional). Lets you specify your own LAN address range where the local traffic will be ignored.
  • Y-axis at graph origin (True or False). When set to "True", the newest graph data originates at the Y-axis. If set to "False", the newest graph data is emerging from the opposite side.

Re: Hidden Settings - full list and description   07 July 2022, 15:52

Thank you very much.
This is very useful information. Probably thanks to this I will be able to implement two ideas that seemed impossible.
I have one question: in what units is the speed saved in the data file (Graph Data File)?
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Re: Hidden Settings - full list and description   07 July 2022, 16:28

The data is saved into Graph data file in bytes per the time period specified in Graph data period, which has the default value of 1 second, and which in turn leads to the bytes/s being the default speed unit for the data in the file.

Re: Hidden Settings - full list and description   07 July 2022, 17:14

Thank you.

Settings from older versions   18 September 2022, 06:25

I have a much older version of NetWorx which allows much deeper customization to turn the aesthetics of the program to my liking. For example, the option to remove the grid lines and axes, add a frame. Is it possible to access such settings by any chance?
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Re: Settings from older versions   19 September 2022, 11:26

For version 7, NetWorx has been completely rewritten, to give it full functionality on both Windows and macOS. In the process, many things have been optimised and simplified, and some settings that weren't widely used by the users have been removed.

Of course we always listen to user feedback, and if there is an overwhelming demand for a particular setting, we will re-implement it in the future releases. But so far, the users seem to be happy and content with the array of settings that the latest NetWorx has.

If you strongly prefer the features of an older version, you can keep using it for as long as you like. All our software products allow perpetual use of older versions, as long as some operating system update doesn't break anything. But that's up to Microsoft/Apple and the user.

Re: Settings from older versions   21 September 2022, 04:52

Got it.
Doug MacGregor

Re: Settings from older versions   18 October 2022, 03:43

What happened to the Usage Adjustment Factor? I found it very useful.
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Re: Hidden Settings - full list and description   18 October 2022, 07:13

Usage Adjustment Factor was removed. More specifically, it was not added when NetWorx was reimplemented from scratch. If you really need this feature, I recommend staying with version 6.x for now. If there is sufficient demand for this feature, we will add it in the future.

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