Download speed not displaying in taskbar

Started by pvp


Download speed not displaying in taskbar   18 March 2023, 10:28

I purchased Networx a week ago and everything was working fine for the first few days. However a glitch has crept in whereby the download speed is no longer displayed in the taskbar graph. See attached.

You may notice that in the graph, the download display (blue) disappears through the top of the taskbar. I think this may be what has happened to the speed - it is present but has been moved up beyond the top edge of the taskbar (if that makes sense?).

Further, I think this problem may be associated with a recent update to Windows 11 which, among other things, forced a search box onto the taskbar. I have hidden the search box and reinstalled Networx but this has not solved the problem.

Has anyone else experienced this and/or can someone suggest a fix?

I'm on Windows 11 Pro 22H2.

open | download – Screenshot 2023-03-17 193842.png (26.4 KB)
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Re: Download speed not displaying in taskbar   18 March 2023, 11:15

It's hard to say without knowing your exact configuration, but here is a list of things to check:

  1. Please make sure you are running the latest version (7.1.2). It can be downloaded from the home page.
  2. If NetWorx is configured to monitor applications, it may be a good idea to reinstall it. This will ensure the network driver is properly registered.
  3. If NetWorx is configured to monitor a local network adapter or remote router, please check in the Setings which adapter is chosen for monitoring.
  4. It's also worth checking whether all networks are allowed to be monitored under the Networks button in the main settings.

If nothing helps, please make a backup copy of the database via Usage Reports - Backup, compress it to ZIP and send it to us in a private message.

Re: Download speed not displaying in taskbar   18 March 2023, 13:09

Hi Andrew, thanks for your response. To address the points you've mentioned:
  1. Yes, I'm using version 7.1.2.
  2. Networx is not configured to monitor applications
  3. Networx is configured to monitor a local network adapter, in this case my laptop's wireless adapter.
  4. All networks are allowed to be monitored.

I'll send you the database via PM.


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