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Re: Fix for mounting an emulated hard disk on Win 8 and above

11 months ago, by mordecai walfish in RAM Disk Forum

I checked the current SAN policy on my Windows 7 Pro SP1 x64 machine I was having problem with this error on previously, and it is defaulted to OnlineAll already, with no change needed there. (checked by entering DISKPART and simply typing in SAN). I reinstalled Softperfect Ramdisk and the same issue occurs as before, on a fresh reboot of my machine and with a pagefile that is 2x the size of m

Re: Error C000009A

2 years ago, by mordecai walfish in RAM Disk Forum

Hello there, I am aware of the age of this thread, but am posting here because I have the exact same issue. I have 16gb of ram, and need to make a 4gb ramdisk in Windows 7 64-bit. This worked for me for over a month with SoftPerfect RamDisk, but now when I try and create/mount the disk, I get the same error as everyone else in this thread. Does SoftPerfect still support this software now,