Advanced Settings

On the Advanced tab you can configure additional NetWorx features such on-peak and off-peak hours and the first day of week/month to be used in reporting and quotas:

SoftPerfect NetWorx Settings window, Advanced tab

On-peak and off-peak times is a concept initially proposed by some ISPs to avoid overloading their networks while giving their customers needed services. For example, some ISPs impose a day and night quotas when you are allowed to download X GB in the daytime and Y GB at night. Others may offer free access during off-peak hours while on-peak usage is charged.

In NetWorx you can measure on-peak and off-peak traffic separately and to have on-peak/off-peak usage reports if it is needed. If your ISP does not use on-peak/off-peak times, you do not need to change anything here. Otherwise, specify your on-peak and off-peak hours. On-peak time is usually daytime, while off-peak or unmetered time is at night.

NetWorx uses the on-peak/off-peak settings in the daily, weekly, monthly and custom reports and in quota computations. This setting also affects the usage information shown in the notification area tooltip:

On-peak/Off-peak times settings
On-peak/off-peak display

With regards to the first day of the week and first day of the month, these are basically what your contract with the ISP says. You may also know this as a billing period. Changing either of these parameters will be reflected in the usage reports and quotas, same as with the on-peak/off-peak settings.

Note: when you set Month starts on to 29th, 30th or 31st whereas the actual month is shorter, NetWorx uses the actual duration of the month. Say if you set this to 31st and the current month is April, NetWorx will assume that the next month actually starts on the 30th of April.

The Synchronisation feature allows NetWorx instances on the network to communicate with each other. You may want to enable this feature if you have got more than one computer in your network and you would like to track usage of all of them. When this feature is enabled, every NetWorx instance will be receiving usage data from the other active NetWorx instances. The total usage will be shown in the reports with a possible per-user breakdown. In order to work, this feature must be enabled on two or more computers. If there is a firewall, both incoming and outgoing connections must be allowed via TCP/UDP port 8703.