Dial-up Settings

The Dial-up tab allows to setup a dial-up connection to be established when NetWorx starts. Although early days dial-up was used to establish a connection via land line through an analog modem, nowadays the same technology is used to connect to the Internet via mobile broadband and ADSL. So if you have to “dial” a connection to get on-line, you can use this feature to make NetWorx dial the connection for you. Optionally you can specify your favourite Internet applications. NetWorx will automatically launch them after dialling the connection.

SoftPerfect NetWorx Settings window, Dial-up tab

It is quite possible that you will get error 623 (no phone book entry) when you click Properties or Dial now. That is because some automatic installers create a dial-up connection improperly. One possible workaround is to simply create a new connection manually following a wizard launched from the Network Connections folder.