Popup Menu

Right-click the NetWorx notification area icon to bring up the program’s menu. This menu contains commands to control the application:

Right-click on the notification area (system tray) icon brings up NetWorx menu

Left-clicking the taskbar notification area icon displays the current NetWorx state:

Left-click on the notification area (system tray) icon displays the current NetWorx state

The menu contains the following items:

Show Graph Toggles the display of the NetWorx main window that reflects the current network load.
Speed Meter Measures your network connection’s throughput and network traffic.
Usage Report Displays the usage data collected by NetWorx (daily, weekly, or monthly incoming and outgoing traffic). You can easily export this data to MS Word, MS Excel and any other programs.
Quota Lets you set a quota, typically imposed by your ISP and watch your usage towards it.
Settings Use this command to customise the NetWorx settings.
Trace Route Allows you to determine the path that a packet is taking across the Internet to a remote server.
Ping Sends out an echo request to a specific computer on the network.
NetStat Displays active TCP/IP connections and ports along with the network applications on your computer.
Help Displays help (these pages).
NetWorx Displays information about the application and allows to choose a user interface language.
Exit Quits NetWorx.