Setting Up a Quota

This is a simple way to track your Internet usage if you have got a download limit imposed by your ISP. For example, you might be allowed to download at most 10 GB per month, or 100 MB daily. That is where this feature may be useful. To access it, choose Quota from the popup menu.

NetWorx - setting up traffic quotas

You only need to specify your quota type, traffic type, usage allowance, and whether your ISP splits the quota into on-peak and off-peak hours. Once these parameters are set, NetWorx will compute your usage and quota term. The black bar indicates your usage in the current term. The orange bar indicates your estimated position towards the end of the term. Therefore, if the black bar is shorter than the orange bar, you are unlikely to exceed your quota by the end of the period. Otherwise, if the black bar is ahead of the orange bar, you should reduce your usage.

If you need to start your quota from a day other than the first of the month, you can adjust this in the advanced options. On-peak and off-peak hours can be also configured there.

The Suggested daily usage estimate gives you an idea how much you can use every day from now and not exceed your quota by the end of the term.

NetWorx can notify you when a certain percentage of the quota has been used up: it will display a message and send an e-mail. NetWorx can also cut off your network activity (this feature is not available in the portable version).