Usage Report

The Usage Report displays accumulated totals, and lets you see and export that information to a variety of formats.

General Tab

By default the General tab displays today’s usage and summed usage since the installation. You can choose what is displayed here by clicking either heading and choosing something else, for example monthly usage or session usage.

NetWorx internet usage reports - General tab

Per Day, Week and Month Reports

In these three reports you can see your usage grouped by day, week or month.

NetWorx internet usage reports - daily, weekly and monthly reports

At a Glance

This report may be useful in a multi-user environment, whether when the computer is used by multiple users, or NetWorx synchronises data with other application instances on the network. It shows overall usage of all users in a period of time:

NetWorx internet usage reports - At a Glance tab

Custom Report

Should you need a custom usage report, e.g. find out usage between two specific dates, use this tab to choose the required period and NetWorx will compute your Internet usage:

NetWorx internet usage reports - Custom report tab

Dial-up Sessions

This tab shows all dial-up connections made along with their duration and data transferred:

NetWorx internet usage reports - Dial-up Sessions tab

Hourly Rates

This report shows your average download and upload rate as well as downloaded and uploaded volume on a per-hour basis:

NetWorx internet usage reports - Hourly Rates tab


This report lets you track your usage per application and is only available in the installed version, not in portable.

The list of applications is not synced with other devices. This data is local to the computer it was recorded on.

NetWorx internet usage reports - Applications tab

Backup and Restore

You can backup your usage data and settings from time to time and restore it should a loss occur. Besides restoring its own backup, NetWorx can also import third-party application data files, namely DU Meter backups (*.sqbackup files) and NetMeter logs (*.csv files) if you migrate to NetWorx from either of these tools.