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Feature request: interactive bookmarks and appendable scan results

Started by john8oy

Feature request: interactive bookmarks and appendable scan results   09 May 2014, 23:16

Thought of a good idea to take netscan up another level. It would be a pretty big update, so may not hit the next build! laugh I'm thinking of how bookmarks could interact with the application. What if the bookmarks were displayed in an expandable explorer type view down a new left-hand column (A bit like Outlook). Clicking on a bookmark in left column displays the last previous scan in the main results field. If no last scan exists, you are then prompted to Scan the selected network. An additional nice feature would be the option update/append-to a scan results view, so as not to loose previously discovered hosts. Maybe also and option to scan all bookmarks (like an inital discovery mode).
These would certainly add a few extra dynamics to an already marvelous utility. Any thoughts welcome.

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Re: Feature Request   19 May 2014, 13:23

Thank you! That sounds like a lot of work though. Perhaps I will be able to introduce these ideas gradually once we have more time to spend on the network scanner smile

Re: Feature Request   04 June 2014, 02:01

That would be great Andrew. I can't think of another utility that would rival this functionality.


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