Suggestion: add Tabs for new scans

Started by WindowsStar

Suggestion: add Tabs for new scans   26 February 2015, 01:51


I was wondering if you could add TABs to netscan. Sometimes I scan a subnet and then make changes and would like to compare the scan from the last scan. I know I can save them both as files and then look at them, but I would be really nice to just open a new TAB re-scan and then go quickly between the TABs looking for the change.

Bonus: Maybe someone with a very fast computer could run two different scans in 2 TABs???

See attached: My attempt at a mock-up screen shot. laugh

Thanks -WS
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Re: Suggestion: add Tabs for new scans   26 February 2015, 13:36

May be at a later stage. The internal design is not really suitable for multiple tabs and it's a lot of work to change it.

I guess at the moment the best way to compare two scans is to export them to text files and then compare with a diff tool like WinMerge.

Re: Suggestion: add Tabs for new scans   26 February 2015, 15:46

Thanks for replying. I was concerned about how much of an undertaking it would be. laugh

I used to use WinMerge, but found Beyond Compare much better []

Again thanks for the consideration. -WS

Re: Suggestion: add Tabs for new scans   17 March 2015, 03:20

I like this suggestion. Maybe the tab names could carry the Bookmark Name should it have come from a Bookmark. It would correlate well with my earlier suggestions:

Here's to a bright future ok, yes, thumb up

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