Can't see NAS Drive

Started by steve


Can't see NAS Drive   11 March 2015, 10:24

Don't know if you can help but no one else can answer.
I have a DLink 320 Nas Drive. Cannot connect to it anymore and get my files. Have tried so many ideas from Technet without success.

I'm using Win 8.1. Your Network Scanner is excellent and with it I can ping the NAS, see the IP address and the Mac address!!

There is a question mark in front of the IP address, no host name and a response time of 3ms. I have reconfigured the router from scratch and it shows up in the router. So if it shows in the scanner, is there anything else I can use to get into the NAS Drive?

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Re: Can't see NAS Drive   11 March 2015, 12:00

This can be virtually anything. Why don't contact the D-Link support service?

Other than that you may try:
  • Connect to it via HTTP (web-browser) and download the files.
  • Connect to it via FTP (ftp client) and download the files.
  • Physically remove the hard disk and copy the files from it.

Re: Can't see NAS Drive   12 March 2015, 08:20


Thanks for getting back.
Under FTP and Web Browser - no luck. However, removing the drives, I can see the "box" and can get into the configuration. This shows that something has happened to the hard drives!
Have contacted DLink, but still no response and even on their forum for the 320, there have been 25 views but no reply. Same as windows forum!
So at least its a start. From now, not sure what else I can do except maybe get external box and get info off the drives.

So thanks for your help.

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