Import IP-Host Name list - format changed?

Started by j13


Import IP-Host Name list - format changed?   08 October 2015, 13:57

Hi there,

Great program, using it quite a bit lately, thanks.

I've just updated to the 64bit v6.0.8 application and it's giving me an error loading from 'File/Import IP/Host Name List' then using 'Load From File'.

Error message is "Some 1 lines have been discarded" for either of the 'import these lines' options shown at 'Load from file'.

It's because my old subnet lists are in format and is fixed by using format but I'm wondering if I have to update my 2221 subnet files (one for each site) or if I can change a setting to continue using the non-CIDR format subnet files as is?

I tried a search for this error, noted the addition of CIDR in the change log and tweaked a few 'Add IPv4 range' buttons but no luck.

(I'm happy to modify my subnets with a few quick seds/greps as required but I'm not the only one using the subnet files or the application).

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Re: Import IP-Host Name list - format changed?   08 October 2015, 14:07

This is basically because we have re-implemented parsing CIDR notations to make the same block of code parse both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Now the acceptable formats are:

IPv4 x.x.x.x/y for example
IPv6 x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x/y for example 2001:db8::/120

While x.x.x.x/y.y.y.y is no longer understood as there's no equivalent in IPv6. In your case the easiest solution is to do a batch replace of / to /22 in your text files.

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