Netscan detected by AntiVirus

Started by bizmarkie

Netscan detected by AntiVirus   15 March 2016, 05:07

My AntiVirus detected Netscan as PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). I was able to add it to exceptions, but I was wondering why antivirus companies would call SoftPerfect Netscan (or other IP scanners like it) PUP, or hacking tool, etc? It only reads from the network in most cases, doesn't do anything nefarious, and I sure wouldn't call it much of a hacking tool. Also, have you contacted A/V companies about removing it from their PUP list? What do they say?
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Re: Netscan detected by AntiVirus - False positive   15 March 2016, 08:44

Perhaps your antivirus is outdated? At the moment, only CMC reports a false positive "virus" detection in VirusTotal.

CMC antivirus is produced by some obscure Vietnamese company who don't care and don't respond despite our numerous attempts to report this false positive. We also know from colleagues that CMC regularly flags other simple and harmless applications that don't have any network-related functions. So we can safely conclude that CMC is very unreliable and likely to produce false positives.

All other malware scanners, including all the well-known and well-maintained ones, report our Network Scanner as clean and safe, according to VirusTotal.

Re: Netscan detected by AntiVirus   16 March 2016, 03:30

Well PUP is different from a virus. I think Virus Total isn't set up to report those, but it was set that way by default here for some reason. I told it to allow all network tools.
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Re: Netscan detected by AntiVirus   16 March 2016, 08:46

I know the Network Scanner was once unfortunately included into malware called Anunak (see page 3). Who knows, may be that's why it is flagged as a PUP now.

Re: Netscan detected by AntiVirus   08 April 2016, 03:46

I have an update on this. For some reason the most recent version doesn't have a PUP alert. I contacted them and they said something about it being related to "dual signing" certificates. I don't understand it, but it's good it be working now!
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Re: Netscan detected by AntiVirus   28 April 2016, 05:33

I don't use any anti virus any more. All I got from all of them were false positives. They would even mark my self-written and compiled code as a virus. And when once in a while there happens to be a real virus, they don't notice. I'm sure NetScanner is clean and safe.

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